The use of photography, retouching and CGI work all mix together.

My History

I have been taking photos from 2007. I love working with different people as it is always fun talking to them as we are all different in our way. I love taking photos as well as a hard working person that loves fashion style photos just for everyone. I have just graduated my degree course in photography at Canterbury Christ Church University. I did a few big projects that are in the list below.

I have been working as a freelance retoucher since 2011. I am also learning CGI as I hope to mix all these together. As I have to say having this style of work and hope to make some amazing art works with them both.

I am now working as a freelance retoucher. If you like to know my prices then please get in touch.

My Projects

The projects that I have done for university are:

Alice in London
Portraits of market stall holders and workers (This was all on film)

I am currently working on a few CGI projects and might be starting to mix my photography and CGI work.

I am looking for the chance to work with other photographers as well as work on some personal projects.

My Shows

2011, Canterbury Christ Church University, Image 11, (End of year show)
2010, Canterbury Christ Church University, (Christmas Show)
2010, Canterbury Christ Church University, Fol10 (End of year show)
2009, Canterbury Christ Church University, Open Eye “C word” (Christmas show)
2008, Canterbury Christ Church University, We Are Here (End of year show)

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